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International recruitment

field of possibilities.

Expand your business internationally.

Recruit worldwide.

Find solutions to the talent shortage.

Setting up in a new market sometimes requires recruiting international profiles capable of successfully managing projects involving talents from different backgrounds and cultures.

Whether you're a French company with international development ambitions or a foreign company looking to recruit in France, we can recruit your Tech, Digital Marketing, Sales, Product and Data teams in France and abroad.
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We recruit your international profiles:

A tailor-made approach

When it comes to international recruitment, what could be more appropriate than a dedicated, tailor-made approach?

Once your recruitment needs have been defined, we analyze the environment of the position to be filled to create an action plan adapted to the region and its job market. The team in charge of your recruitment is then in a position to implement a highly-targeted direct approach methodology, interviewing and rapidly presenting the first potential candidates.
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Multicultural sensitivity

Our experienced international recruitment consultants are fluent in one or more foreign languages and have developed a multicultural approach to securing the best candidates on an international scale.

Demonstrating open-mindedness, curiosity and an ability to adapt to differences in behavior, values and traditions, they are capable of building positive intercultural relationships.
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An even more precise assessment

We assess candidates' communication skills in our client's working language, but that's not all... Their professional experience, their skills, their motivations, their fit with your corporate culture - these are all points we validate during our selection process of potential candidates.

International recruitment requires us to be able to validate the expertise of candidates in local markets, using adapted reference systems: being able to value their career paths, their training, their salaries... these are all subjects that require us to call on a recruitment agency specialized in international recruitment, with in-depth knowledge of local markets.
Hiring as part of an international recruitment program
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We bring you best practices and tools

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Our offer has been created in synergy with Skillink's headhunting services, and our teams are inseparable.

Our RPO consultants have permanent access to all the headhunting firm's tools (LinkedIn Recruiter account, social networks, CV libraries, pool of over 100K qualified candidates, etc.) and benefit from the support of our in-house teams. This service also includes the supervision of the RPO consultant(s) by an assignment manager who structures and coordinates the action, monitors the KPIs and ensures the success of the assignment.

Case study

Recruit a Frontend Tech Lead in Madrid and a Frontend Engineer in Barcelona in 3 months

Recruitment context :
Our client is a multicultural blockchain and entertainment scale-up, launched in 2018, which today has +200 people with a presence in 6 countries.

As a specialist recruitment agency, we have been asked to recruit Tech experts based in Europe. Two positions to be filled: a Tech Lead Frontend in Madrid and a Frontend Engineer in Barcelona.
Mission challenges :
Firstly, the search for profiles with a high level of technical skills, already in great demand in a situation of labor shortage, and in an international context, required us to structure and sequence our approach.

Secondly, our customer's business sector and technical environment (he was facing complex issues in terms of architecture evolution, technological migrations and mobile application redesign), also accentuated the difficulty of the mission to find the rare pearl.
Resources deployed :
A dedicated team of recruitment consultants was put in place. With the help of the Head of Engineering and the Human Resources Manager, we analyzed the real needs, defined the skills required and the profile of the ideal candidate for the position. We fine-tuned the pitch for the position and drew up a comprehensive description to help us structure our international headhunting strategy: list of countries corresponding to the specifications (salary levels, training, etc.), list of foreign companies with similar technical stacks.

Around a hundred European companies, across all industries, startups and scaleups, were selected and targeted in line with the recruitment strategy defined by the headhunting team. We then proceeded with the precise identification of the profiles to be approached within these companies, and 700 target candidates were contacted for our client in a direct recruitment approach. These potential candidates were not looking for a job, so we had to pursue two objectives: seduction and selection.
Results obtained :
The recruitment team carried out a rigorous pre-selection process, interviewing around twenty potential candidates face-to-face, resulting in a short-list of 7 candidates, the first of whom were presented to our customer within just 2 weeks.

Several candidates based in Spain advanced in the recruitment process. The recruitments of a Frontend Tech Lead based in Madrid and a Frontend Engineer based in Barcelona were finalized with great responsiveness by our specialist international recruitment teams in a record time of 3 months, including one summer month. Every candidate recruited completed his or her trial period. A flawless job for the team of recruitment consultants in charge of the assignment!
Meeting of international recruitment consultants at a specialized Tech and Digital firm
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Our customers talk about us

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"Recruiting high-potential profiles, engineering & innovation, very strong international growth: these are all challenges for Back Market, which requires a trusted partner for the hunting of seasoned international profiles. Skillink, as a digital recruitment consultancy, was able to respond quickly and efficiently to our search for Tech Leads and managers, through pure headhunting or RPO."
Thierry Lunetta
Head of Talent Acquisition, Back Market
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