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At Skillink, we've been advising talents, entrepreneurs and decision-makers in the Tech ecosystem for over 10 years. Come and be part of a team with deeply rooted values that highlights people and technological innovation.

Our values

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We strive for excellence in every aspect of our work, from the quality of our services to the candidate experience!
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We are deeply committed to our customers and strive to achieve their recruitment goals with passion and determination!
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We work as a team to tackle complex challenges, share our expertise and find ever more innovative solutions.
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We encourage honesty, mutual respect and trust in all our interactions. We always remain true to our values and principles.
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Skillink is Great Place to Work certified

Comfort at work

We are committed to fostering a culture of trust that contributes to the performance of our organization, and to offering our employees a truly pleasant working environment. This approach has enabled us to join the Great Place To Work® community of companies in 2022, the certification program representing the highest level of recognition of the quality of a company's working environment.

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Afterworks, off-sites, sports: plenty of opportunities to get together beyond work.

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Pleasant, practical offices in the heart of Paris and Bordeaux.

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A flexible organization favorable to remote work.

Exciting jobs

From specialized recruitment to Executive Search, via delegated RPO recruitment, our difference lies above all in the freedom we offer our employees to switch very easily from one profession to another.

A start-up culture

There are few hierarchical layers, plenty of room for sharing ideas and real proximity to the firm's managers and founders. We trust you and give you the opportunity to prove yourself. Everyone is pulled up!

Train alongside the best

Training and knowledge-sharing are becoming an integral part of our daily lives. The multiplication of customer contexts and candidate encounters enriches the human experience. Skillink is the ideal playground for progressing alongside a passionate team, driven by the same desire to intelligently solve a strategic challenge for the Tech market.

Ready to recruit internationally?

Some of the assignments we handle for our customers require us to search for candidates abroad. In these cases, our recruitment processes are carried out in English and in foreign markets.

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Being part of an empowering company changes everything...
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Our management style is based on trust and commitment , and values autonomyinitiative and merit. This organization makes Skillink a unique environment in which to grow and flourish.

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