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Innovation, digital transformation of companies, talent in the Tech and innovation sector is rare and extremely sought-after.

That's why, as a recruitment agency specialized in Tech and Digital, we have developed an inventive, specific and highly qualitative direct approach recruitment method to help innovative companies source, evaluate, select and convince the best candidates on the market.
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Agile recruitment in 3 key principles:

Human interaction

Central to our responsiveness! We value communication and organize regular follow-up meetings throughout the assignment. There are no search managers in our recruitment firm: our specialized consultants are direct intermediaries between you and the market. We hold workshops with you to avoid any tunnel effect and iteratively optimize our selection of the best profiles.
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We guarantee you the highest level of commitment and involvement throughout the assignment, whatever its duration or complexity. We only work on a limited number of assignments at any one time, to guarantee you dedicated time. For each assignment, we take charge of all stages of recruitment with a consultative approach, and discuss directly with your Hiring Managers and TAMs. All this enables us to carry out a highly mobilizing qualitative work, ensuring total motivation of the team of recruitment consultants in charge of your assignment.  
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We set ourselves the ambitious target of succeeding in 100% of our recruitment assignments - and we do! How do we achieve this? Several simple rules.
We impose no limit on the number of qualified candidates we present to you. We take the time to meet all our target candidates. We guarantee all our recruitments until the final validation of their trial period.
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of our recruits
are still in the job after 2 years
of our recruitments
are completed in less than 3 months

Six steps to recruit successfully:


We are your voice in the marketplace. We work with your teams to understand the recruitment context and detail the pitch to be more convincing in our exchanges with targeted profiles.

  • Kick-off between your Hiring Managers and our team: analysis of needs and context, challenge brief, identification of selling points, definition of recruitment process.

Once your recruitment needs have been defined and mastered, we define an appropriate hunting strategy and implement our direct approach methodology. If necessary, we carry out preliminary research to help us better define the profile of the candidate you really need.

  • Definition of a candidate huntingand approach strategy tailored to your needs.
  • Search our talent network (pool of over 100,000 profiles), CV libraries and approach off-market candidates directly.

Our specialization gives us credibility with shortlisted candidates. We've got their ear by being transparent with them from the very first call, both about your company's identity, the job's contours and the storytelling around your project.

  • Active approach to target candidates with two objectives: seduction and selection.
  • Refined targeting, pre-selection and sharing of initial market feedback.

We meet the first candidates and present them to you as quickly as possible in an iterative process. We point out any points of doubt, if any, with complete transparency. We propose different candidates to help you benchmark your decision-making process.

  • Competency assessment at interview and targeted presentation of candidates who meet your requirements (skills, professional experience, motivation and fit with your corporate culture).
  • Organization of interviews with your teams.
  • Analysis and feedback following interviews. Support in your choices.

We send you a selection of qualified candidates quickly and regularly, and provide you with maximum certainty by advising you at every stage of the process and making a broad selection of candidates.

  • Dedicated recruitment process. Full interview reports provided for each recommended candidate.
  • Take feedback from candidates, debrief interviews and help with closing and negotiation.

We minimize turnover among our customers by background checking and monitoring the integration of recruited candidates. In the event of a problem during the trial period, we guarantee to replace our candidates without extra cost.

  • Background checking (diplomas, references) on request.
  • Integration follow-up.
  • Activation of the replacement warranty in the event of a problem.
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Our support
as a specialist recruitment agency is particularly
appropriate when :

  • You're looking to recruit a rare expert who's hard to find via your job offers.
  • You're looking for a strategic profile you can't go wrong with.
  • Your employer brand suffers from a lack of market appeal.
  • You'd like to relieve yourself of all responsibility for end-to-end recruitment, so that you can concentrate on your core business.
  • You don't know exactly what you need.
  • The location of the vacancy limits the number of potential candidates.
  • The position to be filled is international or you are looking to internationalize your teams.
  • Your salary scale can't keep up with market trends in real time.
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Tech entrepreneurs and decision-makers trust our recruitment agency

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"A fruitful and efficient collaboration with the digital recruitment firm Skillink in the search for several high-potential profiles! The profiles proposed were relevant and the candidates well informed: Skillink perfectly understood our challenges and our positioning. We look forward to relying on them to support our growth over the coming months. Thank you Skillink!
Hugo Van Straaten
Co-Founder & CEO, Onehive
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Further information

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What is the average recruitment time at Skillink?

Skillink's average recruitment time is two and a half months. This varies according to the complexity of the search and the number of stages in your internal recruitment processes. We present our first candidates to you within two weeks of the start of the search. What really sets our approach apart, however, is our commitment to seeing every recruitment assignment through to completion, no matter how complex. We don't leave you hanging. If necessary, we strengthen our search capabilities and introduce you to more candidates to ensure that every assignment is a success.

What type of company can work with Skillink (SMEs, startups, large groups)?

At Skillink, we work with a wide range of companies: SMEs (Fonroche, Digit RE, Adequasys, Kameleoon...), startups (Inato, Ouihelp, Joy, Uavia, Kadensis...), scaleups (Back Market, Qonto, Pigment, Alan, Jobteaser, Sunday, Ornikar, Getaround...), consulting firms (Klee Group, Cloudixio, Ekimetrics, OneHive...), major private groups (Krys, Adeo, Natixis...) and even public bodies (Grand Enov, BRGM...). Our aim is to offer digital recruitment solutions adapted to all corporate contexts. Whatever the size of your company, we have the resources to help you find the talent you need.

What geographical regions are covered by your digital and tech recruitment services?

Our tech and digital recruitment services cover the whole of France, with no geographical limitations. Our offices are based in Paris and Bordeaux, and we work with customers throughout France and internationally. Among our most recent assignments, for example, we have recruited talent for companies based in Lille, Montpellier, La Rochelle, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Orléans, Chartres, Agen... Internationally, we have helped companies attract talent from all over the world (e.g. VP of Engineering based in Seattle for Blablacar, Chief of Staff based in New York for Back Market) as well as develop foreign offices (e.g. IT recruitment campaign in India for Brevo).

What types of positions do you support your clients with as a digital recruitment agency?

We have a long-standing specialization in Tech, Marketing, Product, Sales and Data. Skillink's strength lies in our ability to support you in the recruitment of a TypeScript developer with highly sought-after expertise and a thorough knowledge of technical subjects, as well as for a management position, always with the right level of selection. What's more, we're able to support your growth over the long term by recruiting the best talent at every stage of your product's lifecycle, from design to marketing. The list of positions we work on is constantly updated to best reflect new market trends, as our flexibility enables us to support our customers in the new professions that regularly emerge in their teams (e.g. Growth Manager, Chief of Staff, DevSecOps, SRE...).

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Specialized recruitment

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Executive Search

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International recruitment
International recruitment

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Interim management

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Learn how to recruit on your own, train your teams to manage an ambitious recruitment plan, practice peer sourcing with experts.

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